Posted by: Jaamin | October 7, 2009

How to Buy Gold Jewelry

Gold has traditionally been a sign of wealth and position, and throughout the ages, people have exhibited their gold by wearing it in the form of a chain.

Even today, many people like firstname lastname and firstname lastname of city show off their personal style and their position by wearing shining strands of this attractive precious metal; and whether the chain links are quite large or exceptionally fine, gold chains have a way of pointing out a person’s beauty and personality.

Gold chains of 24 karat or 10 karat are made by creating fairly small, sometimes very tiny, golden links that are then linked or woven together. There are some very complex weaves like Basic Single Loop-in-Loop, Multiple Woven Double, Weave-Off Double, Basic Double Loop-in-Loop, Curved Multiple Soldered Single, Foldover Link, Roman Pinched Loop, Curved Multiple Woven Single, Pinched Loop Through-Beads, Multiple Soldered Single, while others are basic.

One attractive and popular type of gold chain is made of a rectangular link that is twisted to lie flat, with no visible space at all between the links. Gold chains are a appreciated gift, and unlike other forms of jewelry like earrings are not necessarily feminine or masculine. Look for a very intricate weave of gold chain if you are shopping for a lady, and on the other hand a thicker, more bold weave if you are shopping for a man. Of course, remember that more important than the gender of the person you are shopping for is their attitude; get them something that matches the other gold jewelry that they already own.

When you are looking to buy gold chains, keep the karat information in mind. The higher the karat value, the more pure gold is in the chain. 12 karat gold is therefore less pure than 24 karat gold, though this can be a plus in some instances. 24 karat gold is the purest gold that you can get, and while it is very heavy, it is also very soft.

If you are worried about durability, 14 karat gold might be the best choice. One of the reasons why people purchase gold jewelry is because it has a low nickel content. If you have a nickel allergy, make sure that the gold you get is relatively pure. If you are especially sensitive, stay away from gold that is 14 carat, as even this might trigger your allergy.

You will also have your choice of various colors of gold. The color of gold is usually affected by what they have used to alloy it with. White gold has a sheen not unlike silver or platinum, while rose gold has a lovely feminine pink tone to it. Pure gold is, of course, usually seen as a rich yellow. As you can see, there are many things to remember when you are shopping for a gold chain, whether it is for you or a loved one.

Keep your eyes peeled, though and soon enough, you’ll find the perfect one!


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