Posted by: Jaamin | October 8, 2009

Social Life Of A Homemaker

The opinion of many people is that women who work at home and do not maintain a full-time job do not actually have jobs. Apparently, the choice of staying at home and bringing up the kids does not present itself as a form of employment, and one who takes up this option may additionally be employed or unemployed. They think that stay-at-home moms have an easy life since they don’t have to work outside the home and can plan their time as they choose.

True, it may not necessarily be. More often than not, a full-time homemaker may also be a mother or a grandmother or both. The concept that most people fail to understand is that homemakers actually have many social obligations. Homemakers often contribute their extra time to church activities or those of other organizations. This is something that is not exactly important.

The activity where a homemaker spends her most of time is keeping her home clean and safe for her family. Homemakers have duties to perform both inside as well as outside the home. They readily escort children to school trips and parties. Be it any number of such events, they will readily volunteer to drive to these. These events always have dozens of baked cookies there.

Did you want to know what a room mother is, I see your wonderment. In events at school great things are done by homemakers. For valentine’s day, red and white cupcakes are baked. It may have been an idea you had that staying at home equates to being unemployed. They are both alike. You will feel employed because you will have social needs and duties as well.


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