Posted by: Jaamin | October 19, 2009

Burning Candle

romantic candles

romantic candles

Absolutely nothing is more romantic than burning candles.  Everyone seems more lovely or handsome in the light of the candle. Candles can provide a relaxing home environment for anyone. I would never reject the conveniences of modern living, including electrical lighting, but nothing compares with the special ambiance that candles can provide. Creating a special mood with candles can sooth people and really create atmosphere. Candlelight creates a luxuriant feeling that I especially enjoy.

Candles can add another dimension to your room and add a sophisticated look to your homes decor. You may use a single candle to give luminous warmth or create a candle grouping for any effect you wish to achieve. Candles add a timeless quality to any style of home decor; they are integral to creating a specific mood, or theme, in your home. A few hundred years ago, candles were a big part of home decor -not because of choice but due to necessity. Of course, that’s no longer the case unless the electricity goes out. Candles can be a great element to enhance home decor, they not only look good but smell good too!

Candles come in a wide variety of sizes, height and thickness. Scented or unscented candles can be found in stores everywhere. Essential oils are used to give candles their fragrance, and when the candle is lit the oils burn, releasing an aroma that influences the moods of people when they breathe the fragrance. This is why many hostesses choose candles for specific occasions depending on the essential oils they contain. Lavender, for instance, can make you feel romantic, but peppermint can make you feel silly and joyful. To create an atmosphere that is both very dramatic and romantic try reflecting three pillar candles off a mirror. Another aesthetic advantage would be a single long candle in a basic setting.

Home decor is an art and purely on personal preference to use the any product or material of their choice. When it comes to lighting, candles in home decor is a personal preference and it is your choice to place the candles in whatever way you feel and use them whatever way you want.


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