Posted by: Jaamin | November 3, 2009

Make your World A Creative World

Think creative, Do creative, Be creative, React creative, Make creative – I hear people saying it all the time, but I have never heard a how to do it guide. Seriously, there are some creative websites but I sitll don’t know what makes something creative. The only definition that comes in my mind right now is: think, do, be different than we are used to. Haha Oh wel I didn’t invent this definition, dictionary says the same:

cre·a·tive (krē-ā’tĭv)

  1. Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.
  2. Productive; creating.
  3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative:creative writing.

n.  One who displays productive originality: the creatives in the advertising department.


We all have some habits and for sure a creative habit, it makes us human(as the dictionary says). But, if we are so creative animals why there are so many people who are struggling, who can’t handle the situation, who can’t come up with some Original thing. I heard once two guys talking and one said: “If I just were able to think creative like (some other guy) I would be a millionaire right now”. So if I say that some people are creative and some not, we all agree, right? So what makes some people more original than others?


The only explanation that comes up in my mind right now is: They don’t giva a Fiuck what others will think about them if they try something new, something original, something freaky 🙂 so it’s all about fear I think. All human beings are creative when they don’t feel any frear to try. We all have created some kind of life we live right now, we all have created some habits, good ones and bad ones, but we made it ourselfs so we are all able to get creative. Yeah but how to start?

Small ! step by step, haha everyone wants to get things done right now, everthing in one second, done and that’s why they are usually struggling to do something and make it done. So I think beginning small and increasing our productivity step by step is really creative way to start 🙂 It’s like they guys who want to build their muscles, they have to start small and increase the weight every week or even 2-3 days, because if they start immediately with the heaviest weights they will propably end in some hospital and if they get used to one weight only they won’t get any new muscles.

A good exercise to start being creative is to destroy something you created. I mean, what the hell – bake a cake and jump on it (remember to keep your socks on). Think ! yes think, you drive a car non stop – some bike, walk barefoot, if it’s raining ,  go outside, don’t hide like others.

Are you afraid for something? Do it then! .. no? .. why not? really no? at least ask questions then, really why? is it so freaking scray? Did you know that people created the best inventions we are using today during the war? people were in oppression, hehe I don’t mean to get in troubles, just think for a moment about all this things you could do if you were NOT afraid of them? if you HAD to do it because of the oppression, pretty scary ins’t it? yeah a success is a freaking scary think.


People call art almost everthing, but the real art is essential, it has to have its own style, its own unique fashion, its own unique sound. In order to be unique we have to think! do! react! make! creative, different and I don’t mean, to think of some ideas or things nobody ever has done (if you get some, try it even nobody ever has done it, because the real art is when it comes from the heart, when you can listen to yourself) Get some things, ideas and simply try to remake them in your way, a different way, a way you were not used to. Life is just too complicated to make it hard. Play with it and have fun.


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