Posted by: Jaamin | November 5, 2009

I am a Road Hog .. no, it’s just speed addiction


Super fast cars

Fastest cars in the world




Do you like cars? most of us do, they look good, especially the new ones, some of them are just ugly, but it’s like with people. The feeling of freedom is very attracting, the sound of the engine is just sexy but the best thing about cars is the posibility of breaking the speed limist 🙂 ooh wel yes I am a little bit a speed addict I just like to go over the speed limits, it’s exciting isn’t it? and yes I hate drivers who can’t drive, they are so annoying and yes I yell sometimes. Of course safety is the most important thing. I just really like to feel a little bit of freedom while driving so now and then I like to step hard on the gas and just drive haha I would love that somebody else would pay my speed tickets too, anyone? 🙂 Last month I recived two in the same day! so I try to drive calmly now.



Just imagine you have got a car that is so fast that no police car could chase after you, woudn’t it be fun? I bet it would. Speed limit signs wound’t matter so much hehe. I found a nice one on youtube. This one is from Great Britain. I think the speed limist shoudn’t be so low … I mean 70 – 80 mph(120 -130km/h) it’s just too slow too me, for real I think the standard speed limit on the highway should be on 140-150km/h, sounds better to me and did you ever notice that when all cars drive fast there is nothing dangerous on the road? but when some annoying driver I hate drives just 60 mph (90km/h) everthing just crashes … anyway  I would like to get in super fast car like this one …



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