Posted by: Jaamin | November 12, 2009

What does it cost? tell me before I buy

money money

We are buying goods and services everyday and everywhere, it’s so normal isn’t it? and we all love to buy something what has high value for us for a lowest price possible but do most of us ask for the price before we are buying? I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I used to never ask for the price I saw it most of the time and when I didn’t see it I could expect some racional price right. We all got some idea of what things can cost, but today was the last time in my life when I didn’t ask for the clear price and clear deal. I had to check my car, there was something wrong going on, so I went to the car service and they told me it will be 35 bucks so I said okay, but when I came but later I had to pay 54 bucks, what the hell, they just said 35, and answered, it wasn’t what they thought it was – What the hell ? … but okey never maid, it’s the last time.

When I want to buy something or use some services I have to get a clear price and deal, black and white not purple or yellow I don’t like that kind of suprises. I think when I use some service like car repair or anything and there is some change in the price they should call you immediately so you can decide wheter you go on or leave it and find some other serivce. I hate loosing money so asking for the excat price is my priority now, no suprises.


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